Supercritical Biodiesel Production Process

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Process Flow

Simplified three step process with the Supercritical System being the heart of the production process.

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Supercritical Advantage

1st Generation Supercritical Processing Plant

The supercritical Methanol – Biodiesel Process is a unique process, where both Esterification & Transesterification reactions occur simultaneously. The process can handle up to 100 percent Fatty Acids in the Feedstock (Oils & Fats). This process is a patented technology, and RPS owns the exclusive rights to the technology.

No Catalyst

There is no catalyst required - what so ever to produce Methyl Ester (Biodiesel) from Oils & Fats.

High Yield

The Methyl Ester (Biodiesel) yield is above 99.8%, no soaps formed during reaction. ​

Low Processing Cost​

Lowest processing cost in the industry, 30% reduction due to no catalyst usage and efficient energy recovery and management.

Small Footprint

Both Esterification and Transesterification reactions are achieved in a single step and avoid unnecessary equipment need and footprint.

100% Fatty Acid

The process can handle up to 100% Fatty Acid in Oils & Fats. A big advantage in todays market - access to low FFA Feedstock.

Patent Protected

We are the only engineering company in the world to hold exclusive patent rights on the technology. No other company has the experience or the patent rights to offer the technology.

Lowest CAPEX

Process simplicity allows for less equipment and low capital expenditure. Far less infrastructure development cost compared to a conventional process.

Short Delivery Timeline

Our packaged units (25 and 50 TPD units) are available for delivery within 6 to 8 months. All equipment meets ASME & EN Standards with Code Stamp.

Frequently Asked Questions

About Supercritical Biodiesel Production Process

How is Biodiesel produced?

Biodiesel is produced from vegetable oils and/or animal fats. These oils & fats are mixed with methanol under high temperature and pressure at Supercritical conditions to produce Methyl Esters, also known as Biodiesel. 

What does supercritical mean?

Supercritical fluid. A supercritical fluid (SCF) is any substance at a temperature and pressure above its critical point, where distinct liquid and gas phases do not exist. In our case, Methanol is a Supercritical Fluid that reaches critical point.

What's the difference between Diesel and Biodiesel?

Diesel is produced from petroleum crude, which is a fossil fuel. Whereas, Biodiesel is produced from vegetable oils & animal fats, which is biodegradable. Biodiesel produces far less emissions compared to Diesel.

What are the steps in biodiesel production?

Oils & Fats (feedstock) are filtered to remove moisture and impurity. The feedstock is mixed with methanol and reacted under Supercritical conditions (critical point), the feedstock is converted to Biodiesel fully. Glycerin is separated from Biodiesel and sold as 95% tech. grade glycerin. The Biodiesel is filtered to absorb any minor impurity and sold as ASTM-6751 grade Biodiesel.

What are the advantages of Supercritical Process?

When you produce Biodiesel through Supercritical process, you will not require a catalyst for the reaction. Both esterification and transesterification reactions occur at the same time. The reaction is complete within a short time under high temperature and pressure. The process can handle oils & fats with 100% fatty acids in it. The processing cost is reduced substantially. 

Why choose RPS as technology provider?

RPS has built 19 Biodiesel Refineries in the last 14 years, of which the last two Biodiesel Refineries are built using the Supercritical technology. We have developed the process over 7 years and we have years of operational data. The Supercritical process is patented and we have rights on the patents all around the world. No other company in world have the experience to build these facilities at an affordable price.  

Our Services

We offer solutions that meet every producers need


We offer technology licensing around the world for Methyl Ester (Biodiesel) producers and regional license for engineering firms.


We offer engineering services specific to the Supercritical Methanol - Biodiesel Process along with Licensing.


We offer equipment specific to the Supercritical Methanol Process. These equipment are production proven, reliable and efficient.

Turn Key

We offer Licensing, Engineering, Equipment and Installation Solution for the Supercritical Methanol - Biodiesel Process.

Our Packaged Units

High Quality Industrial Equipment for Small Scale Biodiesel Production 

25 TPD Unit

We provide licensing, engineering and equipment to produce 25 TPD (2.5 million gallons per year) of Biodiesel. This unit is capable of processing Oils & Fats up to 100% FFA to High Quality Biodiesel. These units are ready for shipment in 6 months. Contact us for more information.

50 TPD Unit

We provide licensing, engineering and equipment to produce 50 TPD (5 million gallons per year) of Biodiesel. This unit is capable of processing Oils & Fats up to 100% FFA to High Quality Biodiesel. These units are ready for shipment in 6 months. Contact us for more information. 

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