Renewable Diesel Technology

SelectDIESEL and SelectJET biofuel conversion was developed by RPS technology partners to convert oils & fats into high quality renewable diesel transportation fuels. Our Renewable Diesel process utilizes novel selective deoxygenation to remove oxygen from oils & fats to produce a high purity paraffinic intermediate which is isomerized to make drop-in renewable diesel with excellent cold flow properties and stability.

Our Renewable Diesel technology has good process flexibility. With the same refinery equipment, we can produce drop-in renewable diesel, jet and/or naphtha fuels depending on customer needs. Our synthetic jet fuel produced from oils & fats have excellent properties, particularly the freeze point.

Our Renewable Diesel technology has good feedstock flexibility and can efficiently process low cost feedstocks containing high free fatty acid content and wax impurities into high yields of synthetic renewable fuels. We have successfully produced renewable diesel, jet and naphtha fuels from oils & fats such as camelina sativa (fast growing crop with low water & fertilizer inputs), algae (salt water grown) and distillers corn oil (byproduct from corn ethanol plant).

By using a unique nano-structured catalyst developed at our laboratory, we carry out the novel selective deoxygenation using a different chemistry where the oxygen in the plant oils is removed primarily as oxides of carbon through decarbonylating and decarboxylation than as water (hydrodeoxygenation). Our process results in substantially lower hydrogen consumption. The unique nano-structured catalyst prevents over cracking of the oils & fats resulting in high liquid product yield and does not require feed dilution resulting in a more compact size reactor and associated processing equipment. These significant advantages means lower capital and operating costs and allows leveraging existing refinery infrastructure with easier and faster adaptation of our Renewable Diesel technology.

The unique nano-structure of our selective deoxygenation catalyst is exceptionally stable when used in practical larger particulate form in a continuous flow packed bed reactor. We have demonstrated hundreds of operating hours in actual reactor and reaction conditions with smooth and sustained performance of the catalyst. We have also tested a number of feedstocks including soybean, canola, rapeseed, distiller’s corn oil, algae and camelina sativa.

Parametric economic sensitivity analysis in year 2017 using preliminary grass root Renewable Diesel plant design and historical data of fuel pricing structure for a plant with capacity of 160,000 gallons per day shows good rate of return with return on capital investment of about 1 to 2 years.

Our Renewable Diesel conversion technology is patented with five U.S. patent awards. Patents are pending in the European Union, India, Australia, Canada and Brazil.