Methanol Distillation

Sieve ColumnWhy should you consider us for your distillation column needs?

RPS has installed to date more than 16 Methanol Distillation Columns. Our Methanol Distillation columns are deployed in Biodiesel Production facilities, to purify recovered Methanol from Biodiesel and Glycerin streams. Sometimes, we even handle Glycerin composition along with the Methanol feed stream, depending on the application to reduce capital cost and energy demand. Our Methanol Distillation Columns are capable of purifying Methanol to less than 1000 PPM moisture (Guaranteed). It is extremely critical to maintain Methanol purity less than 1000 PPM to be reused in the Biodiesel Production Process to produce quality Methyl Esters. RPS offers a very cost competitive equipment compared to any other manufacturer because RPS manufactures its own vessels, heat exchangers, columns internals such as packing, trays, distributors etc. If you have a need distillation equipment, send us your application at

Advantages that come with RPS Methanol Distillation Column.

  1. High-Efficiency Structured Packing.
  2. Sieve trays to handle Glycerin/Methanol Feed.
  3. Vapor/Liquid separators inbuilt into the column.
  4. Liquid/Vapor Distribution Trays for uniform distribution.
  5. Guaranteed less than 1000PPM moisture in Distilled Methanol.
  6. 304/316 SS Stainless Steel Column, Packing & Internals.
  7. The lowest energy required to operate with least product losses.
  8. 4 to 6 months delivery to the site.
  9. Fully automated, hands-free operation.
  10. A turn-key solution that is a plug, and play system.
If you want to know more about our Distillation Columns, send us an email at