We Innovate Solutions for Sustainable Future

Renewable Process Solutions is an engineering company made up of highly qualified and experienced individuals with a common goal, to carry on research and development to innovate solutions for sustainable future and offer next generation technologies to reduce the carbon footprint.


Our mission is to be a true catalyst of change—offering environmentally-conscious and sustainable solutions. We are dedicated to helping our clients worldwide efficiently manufacture renewable products and to empower them and the communities they live in. We will always strive to provide cost-effective, scalable, and robust solutions that leverage superior, field-proven process technologies.

Path we have taken to achieve our Vision

  1. Validate new technologies by extensive lab & pilot testing.
  2. Breaking the scaling barrier from pilot to production by studying vast test data.
  3. Simulating process model based on test data to produce equipment design.
  4. Improving and updating the design through process hazard analysis.
  5. Performing life cycle analysis to study environmental, financial and economic impact.
  6. Rigorous testing of production facility along with continuous improvements to make the technology efficient.
RPS Short Term Goal

Our short-term goal is to bring the 2nd supercritical biodiesel production facility online by end of year 2018 and improve the renewable diesel technology to be ready for commercialization by end of year 2019.

Our long term goal is to disrupt the catalyst usage in the biodiesel industry through our supercritical processes and replace fossil fuels with renewables through new process technologies.